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The crafting guild is RuneScape Gold a horrible place

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    Mar 30

    The crafting guild is RuneScape Gold a horrible place to be in, and by the time you

    can access the bank, the value has been lost. If everyone could use the

    bank, it could be a good place to craft at a low-mid level.

    Personally, I'd like to see that guilds come with mini-games or a

    side-game to make them worthwhile. Woodcutting guild includes ents, the

    level boost, and a sawmill, but not much other than that. Mining guild

    includes mining glove... they are quite difficult to get. It's a

    terrible grind for very little profit. The farming guild does have

    contracts, sort of like how artisan was meant to be.

    I'm not entirely sure to say that everyone should be given minigames or

    bosses but I do think that they all need to make a case to use their

    talents. It doesn't matter if it's by providing unique content , bosses

    or minigames, so long as they are promoting the skill I would be

    perfectly content. My issue lies in the fact that they are doing every

    minigame or boss every time as the standard method of how to revamp

    Guilds. I believe there needs to be some degree of innovation in the

    guilds and I think that there are some suggestions for that.

    Making A Clan System for Guilds is something I would be interested in.

    Making an Achievement Diary similar to a Task System to gain access to

    new areas within the Guilds as well being able to apply special buffs

    within the Guild is an amazing idea. A notice board in which Players

    could post Tasks for players who are related to the Guild's Skill is

    something else that could be explored.

    It goes without saying that more needs to be done to help guilds, but

    it's not necessary to always be a minigame or boss as the answer,

    especially in cases where the content that the Guild gives out is

    stand-alone on its own , without these. That being said, I think

    offering Guild exclusive content may be the best way to go along with

    some minigames or bosses.

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