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The reason is simple: 2K does not have a sterner set of goals

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    Apr 12

    The reason is simple: 2K does not have a sterner set of goals to NBA 2K22 MT be achieved (on contrary, worldwide) however the gameplay has become much more demanding due to the advent of and the next gen. Shooting is no longer a formality. The AI ? is more aggressive, making 3v3 more painful. This can make it more difficult to step into the insanity of multiplayer where the unlucky or even average player is little chance of hitting his ball.

    Only one solution: practice. You can also stay off the beaten path. This is where we can be surprised: the more MyTeam is made available as it becomes, the more it has the ability to reach out to a broad range of users and increase the image of its publishers on selling card packs. In reality, MyTeam is not that accessible at all. MyTeam is rather exclusive and is a snare to the casu.

    So let's try to have a bit less intractable gameplay so that even the most insufferable virtual basketball players are able to feel their wings grow.

    Let's close with an additional highlight of the season: the presence of Candace Parker, the L.A. Sparks player, on the field today in Chicago. It's possible to become an assistant coach when you reach level 35. A very far from trivial feature that merits its own post. So we meet to Buy NBA 2K MT talk about WNBA and MyTeam very soon.