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Rsgoldfast - Lunar Magies land on the shore

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    Jul 12

    Vampyres are similar to rs07 fire cape service the Ethernals however they are not human. They are however enchanted so only the Solarus Staff can harm them. They will not be able to carry out normal weapons. The Ethernals can hit up to 30. They are able to use both Mage and Range. Be sure to activate atleast one of those prayers or you'll be unable to kill them. They will drop an Enchanted Ethernal Staff once they are killed. Then, run through the Warriors, the Prisoners, and back to the ladder. The trapdoor is reached by climbing the ladder. You will then be able view a different cut-scene.

    Let's begin the ceremony. Yes Master Solarus. Solarian! Ubei, Simat Simat, Carnem and Salverous! The Frozen Trapdoor starts to light up, and a Guardian will put down the bowl. A second Guardian will kneel down and put a Dream Log into the bowl. The Second Guardian will kneel down and light the bowl with matches. They will then become Nightmare Logs.

    Lunar Magies land on the shore. It's a no-brainer! Attack! Lokear launches a ball of glowing water towards Solarus. Get ready to take on thy leader! Guardians are being shot at by Lunar Magi and Solarian is the only one left. Solarian is the Foolish Lunar Magicians Solarian reaches the 570 mark on all mage and the majority of them die. Lokear The mages of my... Isle... will...

    The Cut-scene ends Your orb will contact you. Ethernal Communicator: I believe that it was a flashback of the story Lokar spoke to you about. Lokear was able to survive, despite being very damaged and magically weak. Lokear was a master wizard and is a master of the secrets of the Solar Isle. Lokear lives on Waterbirth Island at the highest spot. If you ever need to get to him, I've got teleportation powers. But I can't slowly teleport you, and you'll lose all the prayer points you have.

    Return to Savarain's hut. Are you back with the Ethernal Staff? This is the place to be. This is great. Now I need you to run some errands on my behalf. Solar Guardian gives you a scroll. Come and meet me in Supernova's Hole. You must now read the text and buy fire cape osrs you'll find what you need.