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We are loyal Runescape players

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    Oct 14

    I do not think it's impossible. These are my ideas: You can add RS gold valuable content beginning at the bottom. If you don't have content that is at the levels 70-99 in Herblore include content at levels 70 and higher and not below 99. Reduce the severity of the xp curve starting from 70 to say.

    Skills should take longer to level, but not by 10 times as long. This wasn't a problem in the past, but it was necessary to level so high. Now it is for many because there's plenty of content available. I think there has to be a way to make mid-level content to appear more valuable than merely a means (higher quality content), but it's unclear what that would be.

    A small percentage of the community does actually participate to get a sense of achievement. Mainly the people who are aiming to master 200m skills, they do not gain anything generally through content, but still love playing. Runescape does not have an end game I find worthwhile. You can go kill bandos for 200 kills/trip? Why? Why?

    We are loyal Runescape players who have been playing the game for a long time and don't wish for Runescape just to be an uninteresting game. Runescape needs to return to the glory days with the 100,000 players. Anything less would be sad. How do you ensure that Runescape keep its luster? It's not an easy thing to answer. If it was, it would have already been done.

    A lot of the ideas I've got for improvement will not solve the Runescapes issues. While I do have some thoughts, I'll save them to create a new editorial. For now, I hope we'll be able to return to fishing for rocktails and mining ores without having to worry about looking for buy RuneScape gold coffins for our characters. For now, at least.