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Madden 22 - It wasn't this year's Super Bowl

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    December 16, 2021

    Simply Madden 22 coins saying he'll win could be underestimating Velazquez's performance. He dominated. "I simply swept cleanly everyone," the teen said. After a six-week regular league that started in early march, Velazquez made it to the semifinals with the best seed and quickly dominated his opponents to reach the final game.

    On the 23rd of April it took less than the hour Velazquez to sweep the best-of-5 finals and win the championship. Internet glitches and a younger brother provided more adversity than his competitors.

    Despite his origins as a Lake Stevens Viking, Velazquez took on the tournament for The Green Bay Packers. MVP footballer Aaron Rodgers and star wide receiver Davante Adams, together with the team's fast pace that made the game flawless, Velazquez said.

    It wasn't this year's Super Bowl, but tens of thousands of people were able to watch the live performance of Velazquez, and a video of the match has earned more than 340,000 viewers on the streaming platform Twitch. Officials of Washington's high school esports association believe Velazquez is the first state's Esports national champion. In the midst of the epidemic that kept the students from playing video games, Lake Stevens High School experienced an increase in popularity.

    "People were already interacting with one another via digital means, so it was a natural extension," said Trevor Wood, an 11th-grade English instructor and advisor for the school's video gaming club. "The school and the district were really interested in the development of the video game group as it was one of the ways in which kids could interact with Christmas Crazy Giveaway on MMOEXP each other socially."