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Simon shrinks down and disappears

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    Jul 26

    Good. I'm helping the Ghostly Spy with his task of RuneScape Gold defeating the Corrupted Guardian. This is fantastic. What does it have to do about me? I require an army to drive back the army of the Corrupted Guardians. And? I'm here to help you. I have a list of the Undead Assassin. Okay.

    If you want me to join the army, I'll require my own staff. That sounds easy enough. Where can I find it? There is a chance that the Magic Store owner on the second floor is holding it. Best of luck and I hope that you don't see me again. I am located in the lower levels of the wizard's tower in the abandoned room.

    Simon shrinks down and disappears. Go to the Magic Store Manager. How can I assist you, fellow mage. Simon's team is in need. Simon is Magic Store owner The Dead Mage Yes. Simon. It is possible to sell the property to Simon. But it will be extremely expensive. What is the cost? 100,000 Gold. (With the Ring of Charos (a) the jeweler will offer it for 50,000) Thats no bargain but here you go.

    Now you will get an item like Ahrims, except for the blue wizard's hat that is at the top. Head to the tower of wizards and then go to the room where you found the skull of the Restless Ghost. Simon is waiting for you there. Do you have my staff? Here you go. This is fantastic. Let me know when you're planning to battle then. When you need me, you can find me here. The Fallen Warrior.

    Blain is located in the Warrior's Guild near the Master of Attack. Blain who is sitting on the ground, appears just like the appearance of a Barrow. However, he is only observed with the Ring of 2007 RS Items Visibility. Talk to him and you'll see: Dragon Bitter...