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It is possible to play in clan chat

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    Jul 30

    You can make use of this to OSRS Items cause massive damage. Needs assistance!This article was first published some time ago, however I have made some changes and wanted you to let me know your thoughts. Introduction. Intro. I've thought about a minigame that allows you and a few others (appox 15) to fight revenants ranging from all levels, consisting of 3 builders, 6 attackers and 6 defenses.

    It is possible to play in clan chat. First, you will need to connect with your group via an online portal. Next, you will be given three minutes to get ready and 4 minutes to build the structures. If someone quits and leaves, there will be less revs. There will not be a time limit so take whatever you want.

    The combat types of revs I have changed so it's no longer rock-hard, and everyone is controlled by 10 rev vamps. Level 7 Revenant imp is similar to a minion. It can explode and cause damage of 8 within it. It also has an attack with a weak melee which is maximum at 5, 10hp.

    Revenant goblin Level 15/22/30/37 main rev, which appears when it is hit with any types of combat, maximum hit: melee 8, magic 12, and range 10, 10 HP. Revenant Pyrifiend Level 52. This is the teleblocker. I will explain the tele orbs more later. It uses melee and is able to be hit by 12s. It also has the ability to achieve 70 HP.

    Revenant hobgoblin Level 60 is a stronger version of Buy RuneScape Gold the goblin's maximum hit is melee13 magic17 as well as range15, 80hp. Revenant vampire-level 68 is the drainer. It comes within 30 seconds and drains 9 HP. Revenant werewolf-Level 75 is a formidable melee weapon which can take 18s. at times, it will attack a lot at once, and can take 100 HP.