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Ask them a trick question

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    Sep 4

    I began the quest shortly following I completed it. The first battle involving Baba yaga was won by me, and the next defending Relleka. I tried again to OSRS Items savinking vargas 2 times, but each time I were unsuccessful. King Vargas is so weak cannot even take a single hit, and nearly every hit on him hits high. I am currently hungry and have only had 18 meals and no potion which is why I have to stop my quest to get my time back.

    I've got 5 super stats restore, 10 prayerpot 30 sharks, and 18 rock bite. Go boo boo, but I haven't been able to complete the quest... waterbirth islands is similar to rs vietnam now. BTW im lv 103 with the strength of 82. Attack defense the 76 and 62 prayer. I have never been to waterbirth Island b4.

    In light of the recent spike in bot use, I have devised a system of bot-catching techniques and tests to check to see what the probability of the player in question being a bot. I know that some people love to look at other websites when they're learning. A test failure doesn't mean they're bots, but it can increase the likelihood that they will be one.

    You can approach them and ask "Are your bots?" You will most likely get an answer although they might be talking (they are now equipped with chatbots). There are still many bots who don't reply. Ask them when they're banking or switching rocks or trees. This will aid in determining whether they're really botting. If the person is unable to respond, give 3 points to the "suspicion meters".

    Ask them a trick question. Ask their mining level if they're fishing. Ask them their magic level, etc., if they are mining. ect. If they fall for Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold it or do not respond at all Add 1 to the suspicion meter. Be sure to follow them around. Are they aware that you're following them? Add 4 "suspicion meters" if they don't.