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Don't tell me maybe no one is selling any more

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    November 16, 2021

    It appears that you are only allowed to RuneScape Gold a certain amount of trade per item. I once tried trading tokul and elemental rune, and was surprised to find that there was a 25k cap for every type of item.

    Today, I tried to buy battle staffs. I got 100 immediately. But it's been over twenty minutes after that, and I still haven't gotten any more. Don't tell me maybe no one is selling any more. I would have purchased them all if there were 100. Are you aware if this is a daily cycle or how long?

    Another question is Do you know how to find out the maximum amount per item? I have already purchased supplies for 1k air battles staffs, so it's not a huge deal between zaff, ge and a little perseverance, I'll get the staffs I want, however it would be helpful to know b4 hand there is no need to keep 2.7k cosmics or 2.7 molten glass / unpowered orbs in my bank for the next week.

    Okay, so i've been playing and i went to Bh a few times and was lvl97rofl owned and had no real influence over me at all. My cousin wants me to play, the game does not require any skill beyond the cb statistics. As he still hasnt had a cb account, he'll create an account. What stats should he expect? to be a low-level crater? If he is a great Bh player, i may even consider it?

    It seems to work... He made his account but hasn't done anything with it. He cant use the forums since he staying at my house for Buy OSRS Fire Cape the summer will show same ip address... but his name is "X madgame X". Many thanks for all your help!