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You'll be training Magic for different reasons

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    December 11, 2021

    Another skill requiring your attention in Cheap OSRS Gold the beginning is Magic. It's a skill that you can train to be your main style of fighting which will enable you to take down stronger opponents and gain higher rewards, however, you'll be training Magic for different reasons.

    The High Alchemy skill you gain at level 55 is the staple that is required by every Ironman. If you do not have it, you'll have to sell everything you own to general market, which will drastically decrease all of the profits that you make. In general you just want to get to 55 Magic quickly to not waste any income that could be earned.

    The questioning process is another item on your checklist. You should complete all the missions you can particularly those that give you travelling items like Ectophial and Camulet. In the past, you will have to be self dependent when it comes to travelling therefore every teleportation source that will get you farther from where you are beneficial.

    A lot of missions are extremely demanding and cannot complete in the shortest timeframe, but keep in mind that those which can be completed should be completed right away. You will get from them not just rewards in the form of items but additionally a very valuable experience.

    This isn't the most efficient method but does the job for RS 2007 Accounts me. My Stats include 99 Attack/97 Strength/95 Defense/98 HP/80 Prayer/90 Magic/80 Ranged, therefore if you have similar numbers, this should be an easy job. (But I'm a noob :P, if your stats match mine, there are far better Barrow strategies.