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The presentation has made two steps in the right direction

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    Jan 7

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    Although it's the only football game that's currently available on the game market today, we're thrilled at the quality of EA Sports' latest effort in our Madden NFL 22 review: "Madden NFL 22 has all the same problems as the PS4 predecessor, as it's basically the same game.

    The presentation has made two steps in the right direction due to the increased power of the hardware however, it's a long way back from the standard that's been set for it by FIFA 22 and NBA 2K22."49ers the RB Raheem Mostert is seeking a speed upgrade in Madden NFL 22.

    With a speed score at 97. 49ers quarterback Raheem Mostert is already among the fastest players in the latest edition of the Madden NFL video game series, Madden NFL 22. But apparently, he thinks that he deserves to be rated more.

    And, truth be told, Mostert has a point. Mostert was clocked according to NFL Next Gen Stats as having two of the fastest runs of the 2020 season -an 80-yard touchdown in the game against the Jets in Week 2 which he was clocked at 23.09 MPH. There was also a 76 yards touchdown against the Cardinals in FIFA 22 Coins Week 1 that saw him reach 22.73 MPH. Mostert posted highlights of the two runs on his Instagram account Saturday, along with a request for the Madden NFL 22 score increased to a max of 99.