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I'm not going discuss the powers of these people

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    Aug 20

    Pures may have a massive amount of OSRS Items combat experience, with several stats such as Strength, Ranged, and Magic at level 99 but being between levels 75 and 85. It was something that I found odd and unnatural. I still think so, but it was important to differentiate Pures and other players. This caused me to consider two things: their names and the clothes they wore.

    If the name was something like, 'X mxrng3pk X' (if this is your name, I'm sorry) and their level of combat was quite low, I was able to identify them as a possible pure. After examining their clothes, I decided that they could be pure if they were wearing ranged gear or an alching.

    Combaters are those who put more importance on their combat stats rather than their skill statistics. They could be wearing the exact same as a maxed stats player, but could have 500-600 fewer total levels, and less experience with non-combat skills. I came across the hiscores magic place, which solved my problem. I knew the statistics of the player now, I knew if they were a skiller pure or a combater or just your regular well-balanced player.

    Merchants follow. They can fall into one of the above categories, but they may be at 70 or higher with enormous financial resources and influence over the economy. These people were something I was unsure of and I am not sure about.

    The Forum Moderators and the Player are the last. However, I'm not going discuss the powers of these people. The majority of Buy RuneScape Gold Player Moderators are straightforward; Silver Crown is a great, trusted, and lawful persona. Forum Moderators are another problem. I don't have anything against them, but they could be forum-based using an account that has the number 18 Fletching or 23 woodcutting.