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  • lucy Sage After a short and basic tutorial on the appropriately named Tutorial Island, I found myself stranded in the uninteresting but quite enjoyable riverside town of Lumbridge. The town is where every new player learns the basics of mechanics including how to create fire or place money in the bank. It's important that you know that in RuneScape the game, all players begin on a level playing field (weirdly starting at 3 levels). There are no predetermined classes or predetermined structures, only skills, ideally with the end goal of bringing everyone up to the maximum level of 99. However, as it's not feasible or even desirable for the majority of us, it's probably best to focus on just a few. However, the total degree of your character, or the level at which you can fight, has a maximum limit to 130 (or the number 123 for RuneScape Classic). I think I got to 85 before I decided to quit. Maybe school started up again. If you want to know more about RuneScape gold, please visit
    July 9, 2022